Les meilleurs logiciels de gestion de projets

The best project management software

Distribution of tasks, resources, planning, monitoring progress, meeting deadlines, etc. Whether you are a computer scientist or an architect, running your projects requires very good organization in order to manage their progress.

In the context of the web, many solutions to use online or to install on your server have emerged in recent years. Here’s an overview of the best on the market today.

It will be interesting to observe what each offers, what ergonomic choices they make and what they highlight. Free or by subscription, they are classified into two sections.



Cet outil présente une interface très claire. Il évite les écueils d’une usine à gaz et va plus loin qu’une simple gestion de tâches à faire. L’ergonomie est favorisée par la construction en trois parties : projet, liste des tâches et détails (notes, pièces jointes, etc.).

Fonctionnalités :

  • prioritization in drag and drop
  • very simplified task addition
  • management of members affected by an auto-completed task
  • keyboard shortcuts for navigation, task creation, etc.
  • tag system
  • integrated research
  • impressive fluidity of the interface

Price: Very complete free version

Website: https://asana.com/fr


More than 5 million companies use this collaborative platform. The reason for its success is explained by its many features. A project management tool, it also presents itself as a CSR, a CRM and offers an HR system and a customer contact center.


  • Outils de téléphonie (gestion de lignes entrantes et sortantes, routing d’appels, SVI, location de numéro, etc).
  • Outils de communication (chat, messagerie vocale, conférence audio et vidéo, appels téléphoniques en VoIP, etc).
  • Gestion de tâches et planification d’événements
  • Base de savoir, wiki.

Price: Free (up to 12 users but some features are limited) then € 69, € 99 or € 199 / month

Website: https://www.bitrix24.fr/

Bubble Plan

A bubble plan is a French online planning and project management tool. It offers very graphical and intuitive planning using drag & drop. Getting started is immediate and understanding projects is fast and efficient. Communication, accounting, project management, documents and collaborators, it is a very complete solution which attracts more and more organizations.


  • To-do lists.
  • Gantt chart.
  • Collaboration tools (sharing, document storage, chat, comments, notifications, etc.).

Price: Free for 1 user and 1 project then 16 € / month or 12 € / month / user

Website: https://bubbleplan.net

Stage fright

It is quite close to Redmine and is also used more specifically in the context of IT project management with its version management.


  • Milestones
  • tasks
  • Project and sub-project management
  • Roadmap
  • Activity Log
  • Gantt chart
  • Wiki
  • Document manager
  • Version management

Price: Free, BSD license

Website: http://trac.edgewall.org

In the style of Redmine and Trac, we also find Project pier, Clocking it and Myclientspot.


Rather than listing the tasks grouped by Milestones, Trello (Atlassian) distinguishes itself from its competitors by simply “presenting” task lists like a post-it board. Everything is very visual. This somewhat disconcerting simplicity at the start turns out to be quite effective in the context of collaborative projects. Within a task, we will then find what there is in common with other project management applications: description, comments, assigned members, attachments, …

In use, we, therefore, create display panels in which we insert lists, inside which we add tasks, to finally associate them with different members of a team. Simple right?


  • Billboards
  • Task management
  • To-do lists
  • comments
  • timeline
  • Note that this method of organization is not new and is already found in other solutions such as Kanban Tool or Smartqweb.

Price: Free efficient version then from $ 10 or $ 20 per month as needed (unlimited tables per team and features relating to the administration and improved security).

Website: https://trello.com

Google Docs

Google Docs is a collaborative application clearly oriented creations, sharing and exploitation of documents, spreadsheets and online presentations. Its strong point is to be able to guarantee the availability of services at 99.9% (it is a Google product all the same!) While offering telephone assistance in the event of a critical problem. But its particularity is also to allow collaboration within the same document copy. The different versions are of course all saved in order to be able to find them if necessary.


  • Creation of documents, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Document sharing in real-time
  • Document access control
  • Presentations

Price: Free

Website: https://docs.google.com


Here’s Basecamp’s free alternative. It will be particularly aimed at small businesses, freelancers and students and allows, among other things, to socialize projects.


  • Project template
  • To-do lists
  • Online collaborative discussion
  • Milestones management
  • Permissions management
  • File management
  • Import of basecamp projects
  • Email and SMS notifications

Price: Free

Website: https://freedcamp.com

Zoho projects

The online project management tool is suitable for small, medium and large businesses. It offers 4 basic modules: Tasks and milestones, Documents, Project calendars and Meetings, and forums. Additional functionality can be added as required. The interface is very intuitive.


  • Document management
  • Calendar
  • Cat
  • Efficient collaborative functions, for example, to organize meetings, take notes and stay in contact with employees.
  • Time tracking, invoicing, an intranet collaboration area and bug tracker (all optional)

Price: very complete free version up to 5 users and 2 projects, then 25 € / month (10 users and 10 projects), 50 € / month (15 users), 100 € / month (20 users), 150 € / month (25 users).

Website: https://www.zoho.com/projects



With more than 15 million users, it is one of the most popular collaborative project management tools and will suit you whether you are a freelance, small or large company. Among its many features, it allows the management and secure storage of documents related to projects.


  • Project, task and comment management
  • Creation of project templates
  • Calendar
  • Time tracking
  • File management
  • Email notifications
  • Integrated messaging
  • Mobile app

Price: $ 99 / month

Website: http://basecamphq.com


Created by Jean-Philippe Lang and developed in the Ruby programming language, Redmine is an Open Source project management application. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases. The large community of developers working on this solution offers many plugins that can be added to Redmine to meet needs that may be more specific or that they would really lack.


  • Project, sub-project and task management
  • User rights management
  • Forums
  • Historical
  • Roadmap
  • Activity Log
  • Gantt chart
  • Wiki (with Textile syntax)
  • Document manager
  • Versioning (SVN, CVS, Git, Bazaar and Darcs)

Price: Open source

Website: http://www.redmine.org


Wrike is employed by more than 18,000 organizations worldwide. It is a cloud-based working software that combines project management, communication, and collaboration. It is very simple to use.

It adapts to the needs of teams of all sizes and can be used by developers as well as the marketing, creative or financial departments.

They count among their customers Amazon, Paypal or Ecco.


  • Project and task management
  • Planning, dynamic Gantt charts, Kanban board
  • Multi-note input in real time
  • Visual reports and dashboards
  • Integration with existing work tools

Price: $ 9.80 / month / user up to 15 users, $ 24.80 / month / user up to 200 users.

Site: https://www.wrike.com/fr


Jira Core (Atlassian) allows you to manage projects, track their progress, monitor details and assess the performance of your teams.


  • Management and monitoring of projects and tasks
  • Ability to use ready-to-use or customizable business models
  • Reports and dashboards to measure results
  • Advanced search (JQL)
  • Rich APIs
  • iPhone and Android app

Price: $ 10 / month up to 10 users, $ 100 / month up to 20 users, $ 250 / month up to 50 users, etc.

Website: https://www.wimi-teamwork.com/fr/


Wimi is a very complete online project management and collaboration software appreciated by teams working in Agile mode. It has a very intuitive interface. In addition, it offers numerous certifications guaranteeing the security and protection of your data (RGPD, ISO 27001, TRUSTe).


  • Collaborative work solutions (shared calendars, task management, screen sharing, note-taking, etc.)
  • Communication tools (chat, audio and video conference, private group discussion, etc.)
  • Employee management (company directory, planning, monitoring of project progress)
  • API

Price: from € 9 / month/user and € 18 / month/user to have all the features.

Website : https://redbooth./fr


It is used by more than 700,000 people worldwide. Like Redmine, Redbooth (formerly Tembox) was written in Ruby language. This collaborative project monitoring tool makes it possible, among other things, to get rid of email thanks to its numerous possibilities for exchanges between different members.


  • Project and task management
  • Comment management
  • Team workflow reports
  • Safe working environment
  • Mobile phone access
  • Shared calendars
  • Presence management
  • API integration with existing tools

Price: Free subscription or between $ 9 and $ 99 / month

Site: https://redbooth./fr


Mavenlink is a SaaS project management application. From a proposal to billing, it allows you to control the entire customer cycle from a single platform.


  • Management of resources, projects and tasks and their follow-up
  • Dashboard
  • Collaboration space and tools
  • Accounting tool
  • Gantt chart
  • Integration with existing accounting and CRM tools (Salesforce, Intacct, etc.) for example

Price: from $ 19 / month

Website: https://www.mavenlink.com/


Based a bit too on the Basecamp model, this solution is an online alternative to all those mentioned above, but its small advantage is that it also manages to invoice. In addition, its interface is clear and intuitive.

Note that ActiveCollab, written in Php, has been ported to the Ruby language with RailsCollab.


  • project / minestrones / tasks management
  • file management
  • comments
  • planning in the form of calendars
  • user rights management
  • billing
  • subversion
  • project template
  • time tracking

Price: $ 7 / month / user. Program to install on its own server.

Website: http://www.activecollab.com

Smartsheet Project Management

You could say that it combines the functionality of project management with a simple use such as one meets it in the manipulation of a table. It includes task management, as well as their dependencies and the Gantt chart. Smartsheet integrates with G Suite.


  • authentication with a Google account
  • synchronization with Google calendar
  • update of projects by Gmail
  • import / Export between Google Spreadsheet and Smartsheet
  • import of Google contacts
  • collaborative management of tasks, files, and discussions
  • automatic email notifications
  • visualizations of projects in the form of a grid, Gantt chart, and calendar
  • report sheets
  • Human Resource Management
  • iPad version

Price: from € 12 to € 135 / month

Website : http://www.smartsheet.com/project-management


It follows the same logic as its competitors and is undoubtedly aimed more particularly at IT specialists.


  • task manager
  • calendar and planning
  • file versioning
  • organization by milestones
  • online discussion between employees (chat)
  • activity reports

Price: $ 10, $ 35 or $ 80 / month.

Website: http://goplanapp.com


Podio is a comprehensive collaborative project management tool. Everything is gathered there in the form of an “item” which facilitates synchronization with applications that you already use (emails can, for example, be transformed into tasks, documents, meetings, etc.). The level of personalization of the device is very high.

In addition, the team has developed more than 700 free applications that allow you to enrich your platform.


  • management and monitoring of tasks, projects, and activities
  • dashboard
  • organization by milestones
  • Gantt chart
  • API

Price: $ 9, $ 14 or $ 24 / month.

Site: https://podio.com/

See also …

  • Nozbe: http://www.nozbe.com/fr
  • ProWorkFlow: http://www.proworkflow.com
  • Teamwork project: https://www.teamwork.com/
  • Huddle: http://www.huddle.com
  • 24sevenoffice: http://24sevenoffice.com
  • Aceproject: http://www.aceproject.com
  • Apollo: http://www.apollohq.com
  • Genius Project: https://www.geniusproject.com/
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