Création des logiciels


The development of customized software is one of the specificities of the company C2M System, Realized according to precise specifications and details, our software is fully developed according to your requests, We put at your disposal a real personalized tool. of development, we take up the challenge!

Specialization in the management of databases, C2M System develops the application allowing you to optimize your working methods: inventory management, planning or any other software solution (any development is subjected to the preliminary study of a specification). C2M System offers tools (Web or software) to share your applications remotely (Intranet or Extranet).
C2M System develops single or network solutions, according to your specific needs, which can operate under Windows platform, etc. (all operating systems) In order to accompany you every day in the use of our productions, Â C2M System puts at your disposal several solutions. Point contract, annualized services, our commercial team offers you the best-adapted solution.
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